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Golf Driving Range Netting

High strength, very low visibility driving range netting

Golf Course Driving Range, Duncan BC

Smart Net Systems builds and supplies made-to-measure netting panels for any sized application. For large surface nets we offer the option of building the rib lines right into the netting for additional strength. These hook directly onto your horizontal and vertical guy wires. The use of built-in riblines eliminate the need for external horizontal or diagonal cables, that cause chafing when your material comes in contact with them.

Smart Net System’s netting is custom manufactured from HD, UV protected high tenacity polyethylene, twisted knotted construction.

It is a 1” square mesh opening with a breaking strength of 130 lbs. per mesh.

The netting when hung has a very low visual impact, due to not only strand thickness but unique coloring.

Rope borders on all edges are done with 8 ply cross braid rope with polyester core. Rope is 3500 lb breaking strength and only 2% stretch factor.

This is one of the longest lasting products you can purchas.

Mesh strength 130 lbs.
Weight per square meter – 128 grams

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