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Fruit Tree Netting

Smart Net Systems supplies netting for a multitude of uses in the fruit tree industry. Possible uses include:

Netting applicators are available for both high tree and low bush plantings. For shade nets, please allow 3 month delivery time for factory direct pricing (for large orders only).

Cherry Tree Bird Netting

Choose our bird netting for cherry trees and other soft fruit trees. Like all of our quality netting, it is made from superior Japanese UV-protected polyethylene beads. You’ll find that our fruit tree bird netting is simple to install, cost effective, and the best choice for bird control. Need a custom design? Contact us. We’ll gladly help with ideas to create specialized bird netting for fruit trees, tailored to your agricultural needs.

Fruit tree bird netting is the only means of gaining 100% protection from bird predation and crop loss resulting from birds. This can be achieved with two types of fruit tree bird netting infrastructures: the complete overhead bird netting system or single row bird netting. The complete overhead bird netting system or enclosure system works well for larger fruit trees where there is little room between the rows. The single row bird netting system works very well with dwarfs or smaller fruit trees where there is room between the rows, because it is much easier to manage. (See below photos for an example.)

Tree Bag Netting

Tree Bag NettingHail protection net, insect protection net, Japanese beetle net, stink bug net, and bird protection net all in one application. Simple to install and remove. Kit includes clips to close flap. These tree bags are made from very tough high-density UV protected polyethylene, providing many years of service. Low visual impact.

Can be laid directly on the canopy, but a better option is to erect a PVC stand up through the center of the canopy to provide a separation between the netting and the top of the tree.

Weight: 65 grams per square meter.

For tree canopies 12 feet high x 12 feet wide — $96.94
For tree canopies 17 feet high x 17 feet wide — $149.00


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OESCO Inc. is the east coast American distributor for Smart Net Systems. Call Oesco for pricing on overhead bird netting, insect netting, and tree bag nets.


Smart Net Systems netting providing hail protection for apples in Colorado
Smart Net Systems netting providing hail protection for apples in Colorado