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Frac Tank & Industrial Waste Pond Netting Covers

Frac TanksSuspended netting systems are our specialty!

Smart Net Systems frac pond nets are effective in a variety of industrial applications, including bird barrier netting for industrial settling ponds at waste facilities and oil refineries, and frac tank netting covers for all water tanks.

Smart Net Systems supplies oil field netting and suspended bird barrier netting for frac pond covers or frac tank covers. We build single seamless nets to customer specification, and ship worldwide.

Our netting is manufactured using premium industrial grade netting manufactured from high-tenacity UV-protected twisted knotted polyethylene. The netting is available in 3.5” square, 2.375” square, and 2” square mesh.

The advantage of polyethylene netting for pond covers is that it floats, will not rot, and is resistant to chemicals that can be found in frac ponds. Our high-tenacity netting has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and very low wind shear factor. Due to its strength it is a much thinner filament, which increases its snow shedding properties. Other benefits of high-tenacity polyethylene netting are that it has low stretch and a much better life expectancy than other materials such as nylon.

Polyethylene is much more resistant to the elements compared to nylon or polyester, while being much lighter. The specific gravity is much less than either nylon or polyester, which both soak up water and sink if in contact with the pond surface. One of the major disadvantages of nylon is that not only will it sink, but it stretches and shrinks with changes in humidity. Polyethylene does not expand or contract.

Airport catchment pond installation by Global Bird Management Inc. Airport catchment pond installation by Global Bird Management Inc.

Frac Pond Bird Control Nets

Frac Pond Netting Installation

We supply frac pond netting covers to prevent animal and waterfowl access. The benefits are twofold: firstly protection of wildlife and waterfowl from harm, and secondly preventing litigation to the oil companies as a result of wild fowl mortality.

The use of audio deterrents are effective only while they are working. They are expensive to purchase, expensive to maintain, and after a time birds become immune to them. When they break down they cease to be a bird deterrent.

While there is very expensive equipment available for trying to deter wildlife from entering frac ponds, nothing surpasses bird control netting as a 24-hour-a-day bird barrier protection. Once the netting system is in place it is 100% effective.

We have first rate installers available to do installations of bird netting, cabling, and hardware. They all have a high level of expertise and hands-on experience with pond netting installation. They are fully accredited with all the tickets and certification to be on any site, and are registered and compliant with ISNetworld.

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