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Industrial Nets

Pigeon NettingThe ultimate and only 100% solution for all bird control problems is by using netting as a permanent barrier. Netting is superior to all other bird deterrents.

Smart Net Systems supplies three different types of netting:

High-Tenacity UV-Protected Polyethylene

Polyethylene netting is much more resistant to the elements compared to either nylon or polyester. Polyethylene win not absorb water or react to humidity and will float on water. Polyethylene netting is highly impervious to chemicals, and is rot and mildew resistant. By comparison, nylon absorbs water, expands and contracts with humidity and will sink because it has a higher specific gravity than water. Polyethylene has a low specific gravity and therefor is lighter than nylon of the same mesh size and twine diameter.

Frac Pond NetsSmart Net Systems specialize in suspended netting systems to stop bird access for large and small areas, such as frac ponds, liquid waste ponds, bird predation for fish and shrimp pen nets, roof top covers on buildings for gull and pigeon exclusion and waste management site protection.

Netting eliminates the need for expensive cleanup of bird excrement and protects humans from the health hazards of bird waste, as well as protecting birds and water fowl from sites which may be harmful to their health.

Our UV-protected, high-tenacity polyethylene has a very high breaking strength, low weight and low wind shear factor, and is an excellent choice for large applications.

We carry high-density UV-protected polyethylene netting and flame-retardant netting in stock sizes.  High-tenacity UV-protected polyethylene netting is offered in custom sizes for coverage of large areas.

All of our nets come with a pro-rata UV protection warranty of 10 years against UV breakdown.

Smart Net Systems also supplies safety netting and cargo lifting bags for helicopters, and cranes, etc.

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