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Sports Nets

Why is our netting the best?

Twisted knotless polyethylene is simply the best product available because it has the longest life expectancy and the best strength to weight ratio of any netting on the market. For good reason, it's the only netting used on golf course driving ranges in Japan. Smart Net Systems manufactures and custom builds netting panels to meet your specific requirements using Japanese knotless twisted UV-protected polyethylene, the highest quality, longest lasting and best product available for many applications.

Below is a comparison of twisted knotless netting to knitted Raschel netting. This explains why twisted knotless netting is a superior product.

Twisted Knotless Netting for Sports

Used by Smart Net Systems, twisted knotless netting is composed of two sets of twisted filaments that are going in the same direction, to, and including the joinings. This results in no loss of strength. The product we sell has 120lb breaking strength across the joinings. This far exceeds the braided or knitted products with the same twine diameter.

Knitted Raschel (Braided) Netting for Sports

Braided netting is constructed with the filaments in a series of knots that are woven together. The diagram demonstrates the way the filaments change direction at the joinings. This results in a strength loss in the average range of 30% of the tensile rating of the filaments.

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