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Game Bird Netting

We have two products available for game bird flight pens. Flight pen netting is manufactured from high-density UV-protected twisted knotted polyethylene or high-tenacity UV-protected twisted knotted polyethylene.

1) High-Density UV-Protected Twisted Knotted Polyethylene:

High-Density Game Bird Enclosure NettingPhoto courtesy of Lakeshore Pheasant Ranch, AlbertaLightweight but very strong, mildew-proof, and will not rot. This product has very low stretch, will not absorb water and is chemical resistant.

Flight pen netting sizes:

2) High-Tenacity UV-Protected Twisted Knotted Polyethylene:

High-tenacity Rooftop Gull Exclusion NettingPhoto courtesy of Lakeshore Pheasant Ranch, AlbertaHigh-tenacity netting has a greater strength to weight ratio, and is therefore very suitable for large areas due to low wind resistance (wind sheer) and lower weight per square meter. The filaments used to produce high tenacity netting are double the strength of HD, which allows for the diameter of the filaments to be reduced and results in the same or higher strength than HD. The smaller the filament, the less wind sheer and weight per square meter.

Example: A filament of HD is 1.65mm, while the diameter of a high tenacity filament is 1.3mm. The high tenacity has a higher tensile strength per filament.

Knot Breaking Strength:

We carry high-tenacity polyethylene in the following mesh sizes:

All high tenacity net panels are custom made to customer’s size specifications.

Minimum order for high tenacity netting is $100.

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