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Bird Exclusion Nets

Smart Net Systems supplies bird control netting for buildings, bridges, air craft hangars, and all other structures and places where nuisance birds such as pigeons or starlings congregate.

Pigeon Netting

We sell 2" square bird nets for pigeons and gulls, or smaller ¾" size mesh for starlings or other small bird barrier requirements.

Pigeon control net

Our bird control nets are constructed from high-density UV-treated black twisted knotted polyethylene netting for long life. Mildew and rot proof. Installation by Caskade Bird Control.

Bird Control netting

Aircraft hangar installation by Global Bird Management.Aircraft hangar installation by Global Bird Management Inc.

High Tenacity UV-Protected Netting

Smart Net supplies high tenacity UV-protected netting in 2” square mesh, 2 ⅜” square mesh and 3 ½” square mesh to protect roofs from gulls and other nuisance birds.

The advantage of high tenacity polyethylene is that it is made with a smaller, lighter twine size. It is 30% stronger than standard HD polyethylene.

Another advantage is that it has a much lower wind shear factor than any other netting of comparable strength. This is a huge advantage when covering large surfaces and greatly reduces the likelihood of abrasion caused by the movement of the netting over support structures.

The 2” and the 2 ⅜” square mesh nets are constructed from 380 denier x 21 ply, twine thickness 1.73 mm, knot breaking strength: 140 lbs.

Rooftop Gull Exclusion Netting

Rooftop Gull Exclusion Netting using high-tenacity 3 ½” mesh netting. 380 denier x 18 ply, twine diameter 1.6 mm, knot breaking strength: 121 lbs.

Our Stock Bird Nets:

Pricing available on request. Nets can be custom cut to measure and a polyethylene rope border attached if required.

$100 minimum for custom sized orders.

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