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Fish Farming

All our fish farming netting products are UV-protected polyethylene. The advantages of using polyethylene over nylon are:

For pen nets we offer three choices:

High-Tenacity Braided Knotted-With-Core Polyethylene

High-tenacity braided knotted-with-core polyethylene is what we would commonly use in net pens. Net size is 2.4mm twine diameter with 29mm square mesh, and a breaking strength of 135kg (297lbs).

High-Tenacity Twisted Knotted Polyethylene

High-tenacity twisted knotted polyethylene is used for predator bird control as covers for fish and shrimp farm net pens. Protect your valuable aquaculture product from eagles, gulls, herons, and diving birds. High tenacity, high strength polyethylene's lighter diameter twine is less affected by wind or snow buildup.

We offer UV-protected high-tenacity twisted knotted polyethylene in three sizes. All overhead predator nets are made in single seamless nets.

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