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Fire Retardant Netting

rooftop nettingWe supply true fire retardant UV protected polyethylene.

Many companies advertise their polyethylene as flame resistant or fire resistant. This has some measure of truth as polyethylene is not highly combustible but will burn, and is in itself, a low grade fuel for combustion.

Flame retardant polyethylene has, Saytex BT93, which is a flame retardant polyolefin,  added to the mix  before the extrusion of the filaments. This also increases  UV protection resulting  in a chemically bonded filament, not an inferior coated filament. The melting point of the flame retardant netting is the same as regular HD polyethylene at 270 degrees F., but does not provide a fuel source for flame.

When fire retardant Polyethylene netting is used as a bird control netting you have the added comfort and safety of using a truly non-combustible material.

Polyethylene, with the fire retardant additive, is the only netting that is qualified for use on projects that specify non-combustible, flame resistant or fire retardant bird exclusion netting or containment netting

Fire retardant netting can be used for many purposes, indoor and outdoor, where the extra element of safety is required.


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