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Shrimp Trawl

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By Dickson's Trawls and Netting Supplies
D.B.A. Smart Net Systems Ltd.

Shrimp TrawlsSupplier of hi-tech Shrimp Otter trawls, 2 seam extra super wide spread, Shrimp and Prawn trawl. The "Wing Trawl" 4 seam 2 bridle hi-lift balloon trawls, 4 seam three bridle balloon trawls, Beam trawls:  three styles, low rise; hi-rise and super hi-rise balloon trawl

Our technician, Doug Dickson, has been involved in the fishing industry for 28 years. He started building Shrimp Trawls on a full time basis in 1996, combining the highest quality materials with design development resulting in the most productive shrimp trawls on the B.C. coast.

Doug has used Nitto Seimo twisted knotless polyethylene products for 10 years doing research and development in producing his designs and shrimp trawls that are now in use. While in Newfoundland at Memorial University he conducted experiments and testing new shrimp trawl designs, as well as doing government research projects on stock assement and gear trials.

He concludes that Nitto Seimo twisted knotless Polyethylene, combined with Smart Net Systems designs, are the most cost efficient, strongest and lowest drag for the dollar. They provide the longest life and the fewest problems for use in trawls.

Smart Net System Trawls built from twisted knotless polyethylene are still in use after more than 8 years. Smart Net Systems has supplied trawls to British Columbia, Newfoundland and Alaska.

Twisted Knotless P.E. netting is constructed in a fashion by using two sets of strands that are twisted together right up to and including the joining that forms the mesh without changing direction.  This makes for a very strong construction with no loss of strength at the joining and a very uniform consistent strength throughout the net. 

Don't be confused by twisted knotless and knitted rashel type knotless nettings! Click here to compare!

Contact us for further information and to order your custom shrimp trawl.

Shrimp Trawl


Shrimp Trawl
50' high-rise beam trawl.
Lift 13 ' @ 2 knots

50' super high-rise beam trawl.
Lift 19 ' @ 1.7 knots

62' Prawn and SideStripe trawl.
12' lift a @ 2 knots Bollard
weight 1003 lbs @ 2 knots


Smart Net Systems is based in North America and provides netting and technical assistance in the USA and Canada.
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