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Insect Netting

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Insect netting: Floating row crop covers, tunnel netting

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See Hail Netting

Insect netting: Japanese beetle net, Stink Bug net, bird barrier net, grasshopper net, hail netting all in one application.

Insect / bird netting / hail netting can be used as floating row crop covers or hoop netting.

Insect Nets For Row Crops

  • Our netting is made from HD UV protected polyethylene for many years of service.
  • Reinforced edges with button holes for tie down or joining every inch.
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 55 grams per square meter

15 feet x 300 feet ------------------------- $290.04 color white

12 feet x 300 feet ------------------------- $238.86 color white

7 feet x 100 feet ------------------------- $50.00 color white

42 inch x 984 feet, color black --------- $149.00 * Side netting for grapes or row crop cover (insect / hail / bird deterrent)

HD UV protected polyethylene, very strong will not unravel when cut

Smart Net Systems is based in North America and provides netting and technical assistance in the USA and Canada.
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