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Vineyard Cane Sweeper

Sadie Vine Cane SweeperVineyard SADIE (rubber flaps) is available in double and single sided models. It is a vine cane sweeper which clears prunings and debris from under vines, improving hygiene. It also assists in giving clean ground for pre-emergence herbicide spraying.

The SADIE now comes with both nylon bristles and rubber flaps as standard.

Sadie Single-Sided - rubber flaps
SADIE Single-Sided
- rubber flaps

SADIE's long nylon bristles do not damage vine trunks or trickle lines. A skid is incorporated into the bottom of the rotating head to assist in height control.

SADIE's spinning head has a shear bolt system mounted immediately after the hydraulic ram, which allows the head to swing back 90° preventing further damage to the unit.

Sadie Single-Sided - nylon bristles
SADIE Single-Sided
- nylon bristles

A heavy duty deflector, mounted in front of the SADIE prevents debris being thrown too far. If this deflector hits a solid object, while turning at the end of rows, a shear bolt breaks and prevents any damage.

The vineyard SADIE now comes complete with a steel mesh guard to protect tractor from flying debris. Also comes with a heavy duty deflector which fits beneath the SADIE's mesh guard protecting the bottom of the tractor. Both guards are bolt-on and have adjustable over-hang settings.

SADIE's clean sweep reduces the amount of herbicide required to maintain weed free strips.

Sadie Single-Sided - travelling position
SADIE Single-Sided
- travelling position
The hydraulic ram swings
the head and arm upward to
a vertical position, giving a
compact unit for travelling

The SADIE head follows the contour of the ground with wheels giving height and angle control. If the head hits an obstacle the guide wheels prevent damage to the vine and a gas strut allows it to swing back smoothly and reposition itself.

SADIE's rubber flaps are hard wearing (last approx. 400 ha) but do not damage the vines. The flaps can be adjusted to achieve a more vigorous sweep or a light sweep if required for young vines.

A hydraulic flow control valve regulates the maximum head rotation speed.

All tires have anti-puncture sealant for tire protection. Minor width setting is achieved by a hydraulic ram. This can be done while sweeping.

Single-Sided Front Mount - suitable for small vineyards

Sadie Single-Sided Front MountThe driver has a clear view and can easily manoeuvre the SADIE. SADIE is mounted onto the tractor's front bumper bar for best visibility and driver control. One hydraulic ram raises and lowers both the arm and angles the head, a hydraulic flow control valve regulates the head spinning speed.

Rubber flaps were developed in 2001 and were further refined for the 2002 model. The new flaps are longer with a more tapered shape giving a softer sweep for the first 50mm (similar to nylon bristles).

Sadie Double-Sided
SADIE Double-Sided (2002)

Rubber flaps are recommended for use providing there are no trickle lines on the ground. They do not cause damage to vine stems or tree trunks and height setting is not critical. The advantage of rubber flaps is that they have a very long life.

Specifications / Shipping Measurements

Double-Sided Front Mount - suitable for medium vineyards

Sadie Double-Sided Front MountThe sweeping head, is identical to the successful Double Sided Sadie Multi-Mount (below).

Usually the tractor is fitted with a mulcher or mower on it's rear 3 point linkage so that sweeping and mulching of prunings occurs at the same time.

One hydraulic ram retracts & raises both SADIE head & arm assemblies for turning at the end of rows & for transport. The maximum sweeping width is 4 metres and the minimum is 2.3 metres. Major width setting is achieved by adjusting the telescopic arm for each head.

Specifications / Shipping Measurements

Double-Sided Multi Mount - suitable for large vineyards

Sadie Double-Sided Multi MountNew sweeping head, has now been raised and with longer rubber flaps now coming down at a 30° angle giving greater flap flexibility resulting in a more gentle sweep similar to nylon bristles but hard wearing.

The overall height of the frame is set by the height wheels.

SADIE can be mounted onto the tractor's 3 point linkage front or rear and has framework for easy mounting to front end loaders. For best visibility and driver control, the unit should be fitted to the front. The top mounting frame is clamped on and can be removed if 3PL mounted or easily altered to suit front end loaders as shown above (2002 model) or front fork lift. Usually the tractor is fitted with a mulcher or mower on it's rear 3 point linkage so that sweeping and mulching of prunings occurs at the same time.

Sadie Double-Sided - full contracted Sadie Double-Sided - full contracted
SADIE Double-Sided
- full contracted
SADIE Double-Sided
- full extended

One hydraulic ram evenly extends and retracts both SADIE arms. The maximum width is 3.8 metres and the minimum is 1.2 metres. Easy width settings are achieved by pinning the maximum travel of this ram.

SADIE leaves a neat windrow of prunings and a clean strip beneath the vines ready for herbicide spraying.

Specifications / Shipping Measurements

Single-Sided Rear 3PL - suitable for small vineyards

Crendon Machinery makes three nylon bristle model sweepers- two to suit vineyard and orchard applications and one for orchards only. The long nylon bristles are ideal for sweeping in uneven ground conditions but a herbicide strip is essential for effective sweeping. The bristles are very gentle and do not damage vines, trickle lines or sprinklers (bristles should last approx. 20 ha).

The 3 point linkage model is very simple to use on any tractor and only requires one set of hydraulic outlets.

SADIE has two jockey wheels - one on the 3PL frame (to give overall height) and the other on the floating head (for best sweeping results). Both wheels are adjustable in height to allow for bristle wear.

A hydraulic flow control valve regulates the head rotation speed.

The SADIE frame is fitted with a gas strut which allows the head to swing inward and outward to sweep around vines and poles. The head offset can be varied to suit 2m through to 3.5m wide rows.

Specifications / Shipping Measurements

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