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Citrus Netting Applicator

The Smart Net Systems Citrus Netting Applicator was designed by Doug Dickson, president of Smart Net Systems, for use in the citrus orchards. Since its inception it has expanded to include a broad range of netting applications, including: orchard netting, cherry netting, hail netting, stone fruit netting, or any high row orchard crops.

The Citrus Netting Applicator is a tractor mounted, three-point hitch mounting system that runs off the tractor's hydraulics. The netting is applied to and retrieved from the tree rows and stored on cores.

A huge advantage of our machine and system is that we don't use bulky spools which are costly and present a storage problem. The netting retrieval system is composed of 2 steel flanges and a steel core onto which the netting is spooled. The flanges separate, which leaves the netting spooled on the steel core. The flanges are then used for the next spool. When deploying, simply mount the roll of netting (complete with steel core) onto the flanges, pick up, and deploy. Each spool can handle 55 gr/sqm nets up to 4950 sq/m (483,662 sq/ft).

Experienced crews can apply or remove in the range of 28 acres per day.

For pricing and more information please email or call Smart Net Systems.

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